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We sell and install all OEM and aftermarket sound systems,
video systems, navigation systems, and security systems for
all automotive years domestic and import. We also  provide
a variety of specialized customizations to meet your specific

If you have already purchased your equipment and are still in need of
installation work, we're the ones to do it for you!  We have
the expertise to satisfy all your electrical and car audio
needs.  Whether it's simply locating a short or hooking up
your lowrider, we can install it all at our convenient location
in North Hollywood, CA.


 A & A  Autosound
13121 Sherman Way #M

(Between Fulton & Ethel)
North Hollywood, CA. 91605
Monday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Sunday By Appointment Only
FAX/Telephone: (818) 255-3659
Email: service@aaautosound.com

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